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nickname (nick_name) (real_name) - To make a nickname.
nickname (nick_name) - To remove a nickname.
nickname reset - To remove all nicknames.
nickname - To list nicknames.

Nickname will substitute real_name for all occurances of nick_name on your command line (except for the first word. That's reserved for aliases.)

This allows you to use shortened words to refer to people, objects, etc, rather than typing long drawn out names. Talking to players with long names is no longer an annoyance!

Each player is allowed a maximum of 100 nicknames. If you attempt to add more, you will be told you are over the limit. PK's, both army and navy, are allotted an additional 50, for a total of 150 nicknames.

An escape of \ in front of a word will prevent that word from being expanded (for when you want to say the nick_name and not the real_name).


Syntax: unnickname (nick_name)

This command removes a nickname from your nickname list. Keep in mind that there is a trick to this command, since when entering your command, your command gets replaced with the nickname. So, to remove a nickname, escape by placing \ before the nickname.

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