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Rsay (Racial says)

Syntax*: rsay (message)

Sends out a message to everyone in the room in your racial language. All races have a unique racial language, except for humans, who speak basic as their native tongue. If a player (or mob) understands your language, they will be able to read it. If not, they will see, what is to them, gibberish. This command falls under the same rules as the standard 'say' command. Plus, keep in mind that all wizards are fluent in all dialects.

* High Mortal diplomats of level 40+ fluent in multiple languages are able to choose which language they are speaking in by using the rset command.

Rset (Race set)

Syntax: rset [Language | clear]

If fluent in a language other than his or her native tongue, a player can use this command to choose a different language to converse in. If no argument to rset is given, rset will return the language currently chosen for conversing. If the argument clear is given, the spoken language choice will default to the player's own racial language.

If I am fluent in the Mon Calamari language and wish to speak that language, I would type: rset Mon Calamari

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