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Star Wars MUD Events

Current commonly run events are:

An event is any kind of game or contest that the wizards offer to players. It can be a trivia contest, a treasure hunt, a mob killing game etc. Pretty much anything that comes to mind.

There is an event channel that is only available when an event is running. The purpose of the special 'event' channel is to provide a place for participants to talk on, rather than having to use the shout channel to disturb the rest of the MUD. Commands for the line are:

event -join   allows you to be a participant in an event
event -leave  allows you to leave the event
event -who    will show you who else is participating in the same event
event (msg)   sends a message to all participants on the line

Player Council members also have access to these other options:

event -begin (event)  with no argument gives list of options
event -history         lists when events were last run

The reward for the winner(s) comes in the form of event points, which can be spent in a special event shop at the top of the Commerce Tower [COM] on Coruscant, and occasionally, depending on the event, a small amount of experience. However, the main purpose is just to provide something different and fun to do in the midst of monster killing.

If you have some ideas about what kinds of contests to run, post your idea in the events newsgroup. Any wizard is capable of running events if they just want to. So post there for all of us to read and if a wizard likes it, perhaps they'll run it sometime.


Syntax: eventinfo [ index | name of event ]

The eventinfo command has two purposes. If the command is given without an argument, it will return whether or not an event is currently in progress. If an event is running, a brief description of the event will be displayed as well. By giving the optional 'index' argument, it will return a list of all events available. A short description of any event can be displayed by giving the event name as an argument.


Syntax: ignore_events [on | off]

This command toggles whether or not you will see event-related announcements. Without an argument, it displays your current status.

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