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Diplomat Player Council

Please remember that to become a member of the Player Council, you have to be accepted into it. It is not an automatic status upon reaching level 15 Diplomat. Contact one of the members of the Council and they will talk with the others and determine if you have acted suitably to join.

The benefits and skills that currently exist are:

You can mail all the members in the Player Council by using the mail group: mail player-council

Council members are not some over-powerful force that are free to do whatever they wish, even if they have the power to do it. The Player Council has a very strict Code of Conduct. Since Council members will be given excessive powers that no other players will have, the actions of all the Council members are very closely monitored! If there is even the slightest hint that a Council Member is abusing his/her powers, these powers will be removed and, in the worst cases, that player will be removed from the Council. Any Council member should keep detailed logs of everything that they do, just in case their actions are questioned later.

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