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How death affects you on SWmud

When you die, you will meet death... he will determine your fate.
Actually, when you die a couple of things happen, depending on HOW you die:

If you are killed in a space death, if your primary level is less than or equal to 3, OR if you are level 20 or higher, then you will lose ALL of your current experience.

If you are killed by a monster and your primary level is anywhere from 4-19, then you will lose 1 primary level AND your secondary levels will be adjusted if this would leave either or both secondary levels higher than your primary. You will also lose hit points and some experience, down to half of the experience required for your next level in your primary guild, IF you had at least that much experience on you already. [Rememer that all players of level 20 or higher lose all (not half) of their experience.]

Example: If you will need 1000 experience points for your next level and you died with over 500 experience on you, then you will end up with 500 exp. If you only had 300 experience on you when you died, you will keep all 300 exp.

If you are killed by another player killer on land, then the math gets a bit trickier: Loss of your experience is determined based on the difference between your level and that of your killer.

Formula: 2000 * your level - 1000 * killers level, but never less than 1000 * level

  • Level 19 killed by a level 19 : 38K - 19K = 19K exp loss
  • Level 50 killed by a level 40 : 100K - 40K = 60K exp loss
  • Level 10 killed by a level 50 : minimum 1K per level = 10K exp loss
  • A player with less than the calculated amount will simply lose all of it.

Typing 'death' by itself toggles the death line on and off (whether or not you hear <death> messages).

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