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SWmud PK Equipment

One of the most important aspects of PK these days is the equipment you use. I'm not referring to your weapons and such, but the actual PK equipment. Following is a general list of these items and uses, as well as where they can be found.

>>>>PK Commands<<<<

The 'acceptaid' command was made so that PKs can choose who they wish to accept aid from, be it everyone, teammates, clanmates, or noone. A player will not accept items or surgery offered to him by someone who does not fall in the specified category. The default is to accept aid from everyone.

>>>>PK Droids<<<<

The first thing to understand about PK droids is they are carried as a controller in your inventory. When you're prepared to use one, you type press detach (alias this) and the droid in question is 'popped' in the room you're in. These droids do not move unless a Jedi is able to lift them into another room. They are meant to trap people, not to follow you around. Please note that the term PK here means Army PKs only, not Navy. There are three types of these droids:

SLR - These droids are the most like the original LR5s that no longer exist. These are slightly beefier and harder to kill though. These droids stop Army PKs of any level.

MLR - SLR's bigger brother, in hps and levels. These droids only stop PKs of level 12 and higher.

XLR - XLR is the most highly advanced droid of the LR series on all levels. XLRs only stop level 19 and higher PKs, both HM and non-HM.

For more information regarding PK droids, read panic pkdroids.


Obviously you want to heal as you always would, using medkits. In addition, here are some literally life saving items that can give you a boost in PK:

Ryll - This is a one dose, massive healing drug with various degrees of effectiveness. It can heal upwards of 200 hps, but doesn't necessarily do this every time. It also drugs you a good deal, so don't get stoned and then try to use it - and don't rely on it to win the fight for you. Just as easily as giving you 200 hps is giving you 20. This stuff is frowned upon by local planetary authorities in most areas, so use extreme caution when landing on a planet with it in your inventory.

Transdermal patch - Apply this to yourself for steady healing over time. It gets a fixed number of uses, which happen automatically while applied. It will heal you for 20 hps, or up to your max if you're not that hurt, and will not discharge unless you're below 100% health. Note it gets a fixed number of uses, not hps of healing. So if you keep getting barely hurt it will heal you for 6 or whatever, and that'll count as a use. Keep this in mind when using it. These can be found in various places.

Dosage applier - This item, when worn, can be used to heal yourself during combat. It is very useful, especially for those who aren't scientists and for times when you're disabled. You can insert medkits into these and heal yourself, or you can add bottles of silver liquid. In order to administer silver, though, you have to have 5 doses of silver in it. Look at the applier for more info on how to use it.

These are not the only healing items on the mud, so keep looking. There are other very useful healing elements out there.

>>>>Random Equipment<<<<

This equipment is not guild-specific and can be used by any PKer.

A can of grease - This item makes the floor slippery, sometimes keeping people that are trying to enter the room from staying in, but if they're already in they will often not be able to leave cause they'll keep slipping and falling down.

Spydroids - These can be found throughout the galaxy and they provide you a way to find where your target is. While they do give you a description of the room your target is in, they also alert your quarry of the droid's actions, thus possibly causing them to run away to safety. Be sure to act quickly as soon as you get the description fed back.

Scalping knife - This knife can be used to get a trophy from the corpse of someone you just killed.

Hunt Club knife - An auto-loading scalping knife is the reward to those PKers who complete the PK quest. Read panic quest_doc for more information on this quest.

Again, these are not the only items which are non-guild specific items useful in PK. Explore and find more.

>>>>BH Equipment<<<<

Bounty hunters have a variety of specialty tools they can use, but the most important ones are traps. There are several different types. You won't be able to see a trap with peer or lpeer and will only know it's there when you hit it, unless you have trapsweep. Only one trap may be laid in a room at a time and you can't lay it when there are other players in the room.

Mantraps - When you hit a mantrap you are essentially in prison. You can still use all of your commands, but you are in a room isolated from the rest of the world. While trapped nobody may touch you, nor can you touch anyone. Any Army PK can let you out of a mantrap, or eventually it will wear out and you will be released. When you hit a mantrap you automatically become aggressive to the bounty hunter that laid it. These will trigger on any PK that is in your range or to whom you are aggressive.

Stuntraps - Hitting a stuntrap will result in about a 6-8 round stun. These trigger like mantraps, on anyone in your range or to whom you are aggressive. These can also be set off by wandering mobs, diplomat bodyguards, and droids of all types.

Damage traps - These can be set to a specific target and do damage like a grenade.

Spiked traps - These work exactly like damage traps and also poison the victim.

Freeze traps - These will be triggered by any PK that is in your range or is aggressive to you and will immobilize a person for a duration of time.

Bounty hunters also have access to many other tools and tricks that allow them to get a 'leg up' on their quarry:

Capture nets - These are available on Sullust, and they stun a target for 1-2 rounds. They work off the hunter_tools skill.

Whipcords - These are also available on Sullust, and work off of hunter_tools. Whipcords must have in them a capsule of liquid cable, also bought from the shop, in order to work. Each capsule has 3 uses. With the capsule in the whipcord, you can pull someone from an adjacent room into the room you're in, unless they are somehow unable to move (e.g. in the edit shell).

Jetpack - These are extremely heavy, but when worn and activated, they allow you to zoom in and out of rooms, regardless of droids.

Flare tubes - Though rarely used, a flare tube can be used to shoot magnesium pellets at you, blinding you temporarily. They use the 'blind' skill.

Locator device - The locator device is a tiny tracking object that can be planted on any player and which will then report to you the location of that player. The victim has a chance of searching themselves and finding the monitoring bug.

Ion grenade - This type of grenade disables all the jetpacks in the room when it goes off. Use caution with this, because it can disable your own jetpack too, so you might want to lob it.

Concussion grenade - This grenade has a random chance in moving every mob, player, and droid in the room to an adjacent room. The room that people and mobs move to is random, and mobs that cannot be moved at all (by fpush, intimidate, etc) cannot be moved by this grenade. Use caution with these grenades because they will make you aggressive to everything in the room, whether they move or not.

>>>>Assassin Equipment<<<<

There aren't many actual items to include under this listing, but here are the ones to note:

Harpoon - This can be used to snare a target and bring them into the room with you. The range on these is 3 rooms, and is based off the throwing_weapons skill.

Crimson poison - This powerful poison is usable by assassins only.

This panic file was originally written by Carnal and updated by Sorran in 2003.

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