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SWmud PK weeks

Every so often the Admins set up a week where any player may join the ranks of the PKers to try player killing without the normal penalties. These are called PK Weeks.

During a PK Week, players may feel free to sign and unsign the PK Book (the way you join the ranks of player-killers on SWmud) without suffering the usual reduction of level and loss of experience. The PK Book is located at [PKR] on the Coruscant map.

Any ground PK deaths suffered during PK Weeks do not cause a loss of experience, but Assassins and Bounty Hunters do lose their collected assassin points or bh points. Also, team death tolls are not inflated by kills during PK Weeks.

Space PK is currently not altered during a PK Week, meaning that loss of experience in a space death will the same. This may change during future PK Weeks, but is not the case as of now.

There is now a new demo Clanhall so that new PKers have the chance to see what life within a Clan can be like. Though its membership is still capped at 15, it is open to all teams due to its theme of being a neutral criminal organization that has influence everywhere. You can see some of the benefits and dangers of being in a clan while a PK Week is going. To join, you merely have to ask the volunteer clan leader to add you so that you may experience the fun of being in a clan. Once in, the leader will give you more information about where to go. The leader should be announced when the PK Week is announced.

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