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Star Wars Universe information and other panic files

These help files are copied directly from the SWmud panic files, many of which were copied from A Guide to the Star Wars® Universe, first edition. Please note that these are files about the SW universe, but not necessarily about gameplay on SWmud, i.e. the races listed here are non-player races, not all the planets listed here are planets on the mud, etc. Information about the mud proper may be found in the Gameplay section.

Please select from the following:

SW Planets Descriptions of planets in the SW universe.
SW Star Systems Descriptions of star systems in the SW universe.
SW Places of Interest Descriptions of other non-planet locations in the SW universe.
SW Ships and Vehicles Descriptions of ships and vehicles in the SW universe.
SW Races Descriptions of alien species (non-player races) in the SW universe.
SW Creatures Descriptions of non-sentient creatures in the SW universe.
SW Droid Types Descriptions of types of droids in the SW universe.
SW Items Descriptions of various items used in the SW universe.
SW Space Descriptions of items used in space in the SW universe.
Miscellaneous Panic files that don't fall under any other category on this web site.
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