Duros Heritages

Duros heritages available for player selection:


Forced into space by an over-polluted homeworld the Duros found life among the stars suited to them. They are rivaled only by the Corellians in starships. As keen pilots and starship mechanics Duro-Sector Duros can be found in any starport big or small across the galaxy. While sometimes curt with others they are easy enough to get along with. However, they absolutely despise their genetic cousins the Duros of Neimoidia.


Shorter than their Duro-Sector cousins, the Neimoidians settled the higher- gravity planet of Neimoidia over 25,000 galactic standard years ago. The culture took to bureacracy and trade as well as a colonoization push of their own. The wealthiest colonies were set up as administrative hubs. Later, Neimoidians helped form the Trade Federation and were leaders in the Separatist Crisis commonly referred to as the Clone War. Since losing the war Neimoidians have begun to copy the culture of their cousins much the to displeasure of the Duro-Sector Duros.