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Player Attributes

Every player gets 5 attributes that affect their abilities:

Strength determines carrying capacity and physical endurance (hit points)
Mechanical affects how good you are at using machinery and driving; affects all piloting skills.
Technical affects how well you fix things; applies to both machinery and medicine; affects all scientist and slicer skills.
Dexterity is a measure of hand-eye coordination; used primarily for combat; affects all mercenary skills, and most assassin and bounty hunter skills.
Force is your natural affinity for the force; affects all jedi skills.

Each attribute is rated on a scale of 3 to 18, plus or minus racial modifiers.

All characters must have 4 attributes at 8 or above, but they get one "sacrifice" attribute which can be lowered to 3 (or the appropriate racial minimum). See race information for more help on racial maximums and minimums.

Please note, if you are not going to be a pilot or smuggler, then you have absolutely no use for the Mechanical attribute. If you are not going to be a Jedi you have no use for the Force attribute and so on. Do not waste points on these stats "just in case". A Force of 1 for a non-Jedi is wisest.

Set Attributes (during character generation)

To set up your attributes, you are allowed to allocate a certain number of points between the 5 attributes. You may add as many times as you wish, both positive and negative amounts of point, to the attributes. For example:

add 5 str adds 5 points to strength.
add -2 str removes 2 points from strength.

However, there are maximums and minimums for each race. You will be notified when you violate them.

Don't forget to type done when finished.

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