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What's New on the Website

This page was last updated on: May 28, 2011

This page lists updates to the website within the previous month, such as various photo galleries, polls, player- and wizard-related information, and more. If you are a player who would like your picture, website address, fan fiction, or other notice posted, please submit the details to the webmaster. If you are not currently a player but would like to be, please see the Character Creation page.

This page lists only web site updates. If you want to know what's new on the mud, see the Game Updates.

To receive these updates via RSS, add this link to your aggregator of choice.

Date of Update: View at: Type of Update: Other Info:
May 28, 2011 Updates New Changes for the year 2010 and current May 2011 are posted.
      This includes additions and updates to a LOT of files, including
but not limited to: line, channels, prompt, merchant, coders,
sponsors, project_list, uptime, cbribe, bank, and petition.
Apr 9, 2011 various files File updates I've added and updated several commands and updated
the coders, guild_changes, project list, quest_doc, and
, among others. Updating the rest of the website
to match the panic files will be an ongoing project.
Apr 4, 2011 Container
Update Container Quest re-opened
Apr 1, 2011 Multi Change in rules Alternate characters are allowed
  on the MUD Panic files Mortals are now able to read ALL of the High Mortal
panic files on the mud, including skill files.
  Bodycount New commands New commands: pkscore & pktitles
March 2011 Kessel New area Re-vamped Kessel Spice Mines now open
    New area Centerpoint Station now open in Corellia System
June 2010   New area Bespin Towers level 3 is now open
early 2010 Reboot Update Reboots now occur every 99 hours (4d 3h)
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