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Star Wars MUD Guilds

SWmud has an unusual guild system. There are nine primary guilds, listed below. Click on the guild name to see the skills associated with that guild, or read a general description of all guilds.

NOTE: Guilds are in the process of being updated and skills are likely to change.

Assassin Mandatory pk with skills like backstabbing, poisoning, feigning your health, pin point melee fighting, adrenaline rushes, etc.
Bounty Hunter Mandatory pk with skills like jetpack flying, disabling, setting up decoys, chasing bounties, setting and finding traps, etc.
Diplomat Mandatory non-pk with skills like fast talking, getting discounts, hiring bodyguards, working on the player council, etc.
Mercenary The only guild that can use ranged weapons, they also ditch opponents, dodge attacks, use explosives, etc.
Merchant These salesmen wholesale, alter and reinforce equipment, sell condos, haggle and swindle, run stocks, etc.
Pilot The only guild which can fly all types of ships, they also use cloaking devices, tractor beams, turrets, and all manner of animals and vehicles.
Scientist Scientists can heal themselves and repair just about anything. They also construct unique items, use their knowledge of anatomy for an edge, use poisons and other drugs, etc.
We suggest Scientist guild to new players so that they can heal themselves!
Slicer These hackers are good at creating, adjusting, and enhancing droids, hacking communication lines, tampering with machines, etc.
Smuggler These shady characters have a mix of skills such as hiding, freighter piloting, flying speeders, haggling, smuggling, lockpicking, stealing, etc.
Jedi * Either Jedi [light-side] or Sith [dark-side]. Each alignment has some unique light or dark skills and some that are shared among all Jedi.

* The Jedi guild can only be joined as a secondary guild. You must have level 5 in your primary guild AND an HM Jedi or Sith sponsor before you may level in the guild. For more information on becoming a Jedi (or Sith), please see the Jedi FAQ and related files. High Mortal Jedi who complete the Jedi Master quest make Jedi their primary guild (and their previous primary guild becomes a secondary guild).

Each player must 'join' a primary guild before advancing above level 3 in any guild. Players are allowed to 'advance' two other secondary guilds (one of which may be Jedi assuming prerequisites* are met). Secondary guilds require you pay more experience to advance, but you get to use all of the associated skills once you reach the appropriate levels. No player is allowed to advance a secondary guild's level above their primary guild level.

Once finishing the HM quest and obtaining High Mortal status in your primary guild, you may raise (advance) only one of your secondary guilds to High Mortal levels. Remember that a High Mortal which takes the Jedi guild to high mortal levels may also do the Jedi Master quest to become a primary Jedi.

After obtaining level 25/25/19, a player may select a fourth guild in which to advance.

Please note that the guild skills and abilities are always being tweaked. See guild changes for planned updates.

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