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Fourth GUild Restrictions

Players who are at least levels 25/25/19 may acquire a fourth guild to advance up to level 19. High Mortals must advance at the HM guild hall, while psuedo-HM players must advance at the guild hall for the selected guild.

There are some restrictions and limitations:

  • the experience cost to advance is 5 times the cost for a secondary guild
  • mercenary, assassin, bounty hunter and jedi cannot be selected as a fourth guild
  • initially advancing in your fourth guild costs one million (1M) credits
  • you can advance only as far as level 19 in your fourth guild
  • dropping your primary level below 25 will result in the loss of your fourth guild
  • if you choose to renounce one of your secondary guilds after advancing your fourth guild, you will pay the 1M credit fee to advance your fourth guild to level 1

Example: Player A is level 25 mercenary, 25 slicer, 19 scientist. He chooses to advance pilot as his fourth guild and spends 5000 experience and 1M credits. Later, he decides that he really doesn't like slicer and chooses to renounce that guild. Once he is level 19 pilot, he can once again choose to advance in a fourth guild, although this would cost him 5000 experience and 1M credits.

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