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SWMUD Players Area

This is an area dedicated to the players in the SWmud universe.
Click on one of the following links:

Rogues' Galleries
Pictures of SWmud players. These pages may take some time to load.
Rogues' Directory A list of players' websites and email addresses.
Rogues' Map A Frappr map of SWmud players and admin.
Rogues' Polls The annual player voting results on certain mud topics.
Rogues' Hall of Fame Players who have achieved the highest levels possible, 50/50/19.
Rogues' Fan Fictions A section for players to submit their works of Star Wars themed fiction.
Rogues' Requests A page for players to make announcements or requests.
In Memory of Dan A site about Dan Knapp- a player who touched many of our lives before cystic fibrosis took him away.
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