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Newbie line rules

Syntax: newbie (your message)

Most players prefer that newbies not 'shout' their questions to the entire mud. Newbies can and should use the newbie line to ask questions.

However, this line is ONLY for questions on how to use the MUD. More experienced players, known as Newbie Helpers, and wizards listen to this line and provide accurate answers to new player questions. The Newbie Helpers are not allowed to lie on the newbie line, but some players will lie to you on other channels. Beware.

This line is NOT for chatting of any kind, or for asking questions which do not have to do with how to play on SWMud, such as (but not limited to):

  • if someone is in a particular sim or if they will join you,
  • if someone will pilot or turret a ship for you,
  • if someone will give you money,
  • if someone will party with you or help you gain experience,
  • if someone is online and listening right now,
  • if someone wants (to buy) your EQ,
  • if someone has an object you want,

and anything else that does not have to do with how to play.

Please DO NOT argue or debate with the Newbie Helpers if they ask you to stop chatting. You can be removed from the newbie line for abuse of these policies.

Also, please do not make any 'tags' or colors for the newbie line. The Helpers will immediately ask you to remove them.

You may turn off the line at any time by typing just newbie. You may turn the line back on in the same way.

You will retain this line until you reach primary level 6, just in case you have any questions about how the real world works after you have left the sims. The first thing you should do is re-read faq2.

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