2014 Armor Patch

Armor changes debuted January 2014. The primary purpose of these changes was to increase the functionality of armor at all levels.

Q: How has armor changed?

A: Previously, armor only increased the chance that you might dodge an attack. This is considered a player's avoidance chance (AC). The new system implemented by SWmud has retained this ability and added two more defensive stats:

The majority of armor now grant DR, instead of AC; thus, making you take less damage when wearing armor, as one would expect. There are still pieces of armor that grant AC, while some have been adjusted to grant DT.

Q: Has combat been improved?

A: A considerable amount of features have been added to help players understand the combat capabilities and status of their character, as well as enable coders to design much more unique and creative skills for guilds and races. Some of the improvements are as follows:

Q: Sounds neat. How can I try these changes?

A: Certain guild combinations greatly benefit from building tanky (ie. equipping armor to cover all of your armor slots. Type <eq> to see slots). Try out building tanky to see if it suits your play style or character's build. Use <id>, <compare>, or <eq> to determine if the piece of armor is effective or a lower grade. Note that armor can be heavy and constricting to wear; please <panic armor_hindrance> for more information.

Q: Am I required to equip armor?

A: Certainly not. The traditional SWmud play style has been to use a weapon and just a few pieces of armor that boost your weapon damage. The armor changes are designed to grant players more options for character design. Building the traditional "pure damage" is meant to be equally favorable to building tank, though certain guilds may be more suited for damage or tank. Try out some different builds for yourself or in conjunction with other players! The armor changes are beneficial in a number of ways:

In the end, we hope that players find these changes enjoyable. The update to armor will not replace the traditional style of combat on SWmud, but it opens open a separate build path for players to take advantage of.