Your Character and You

Your character is your avatar on SWmud - the being through which you interact with the Galaxy. How you build your character is up to you, and theorycrafting a good build is part of the fun of the game.

There are semi-permanent choices like race and guilds that determine what skills and other perks your character can use. There are also attributes (selected on character creation) that influence your proficiency with special weapons, your success rate at certain skills, and other things. You can check your race, guilds, and attributes with the <score> command.

The score command also shows other features of your character that tend to change more often, like hit points or experience points. The commands <hps> and <st> each show one line of selected info from the score command.

Other important bits of info:

Last but not least: the easiest way to keep track of your character's important stats is with the <prompt> command, which allows you to choose from a wide array of information to print straight to your screen after every command you issue (even a "blank" command).