These are the rules of SWMud. These rules have been designed to keep this mud fun and enjoyable for everyone, players and coders alike. Punishment will be based on the severity of the offense, as well as the type of crime.

  1. Don't harass other players or wizards.
  2. Don't create multiple characters except through approved means. See <panic multi> for details.
  3. Don't exploit bugs. If you aren't sure if something is a bug, contact a wizard and ask.
  4. Don't swear in public communications (e.g. channels, rn, bulletin boards).
  5. Don't share secrets in public communications.
  6. Don't use scripts or triggers. Each command issued should have been caused by a player's keypress, and no keypress should result in more than one command. (Note: this includes auto re-logging features: only log in if it's actually you logging in.)
  7. Don't impersonate wizards.
  8. Please be polite and courteous to other players, and have fun :)

If you find yourself arguing that you didn't technically break a rule, you are already doomed. The staff is judge, jury, and executioner on all rules-related matters.