Guild List

SWmud has an unusual guild system: Every character multi-classes. There are eleven guilds, ten of which may be chosen as a primary guild:

PK-oriented guild with skills like backstabbing, poisoning, feigning your health, pin point melee fighting, adrenaline rushes, and other combat-related skills.
Bounty Hunter
Hunter's guild with skills like mapping, jetpack flying, disabling, setting up decoys, chasing bounties, setting and finding traps. Also gets access to high-end armor modifications.
Slick-talking, respectable guild with skills like rally, discounts, bodyguards, working on the player council, etc.
Guild with huge damage output, they can also ditch opponents, dodge attacks, use explosives, and they get some knowledge of field medicine.
These salesmen wholesale, alter and reinforce equipment, sell condos, haggle and swindle, run corporations, and more.
The only guild that can fly all types of ships, they also use cloaking devices, tractor beams, turrets, and all manner of animals and vehicles.
Scientists can heal themselves and repair just about anything. They also construct unique items, use their knowledge of anatomy for an edge, and use poisons and other drugs.
Jack-of-all trades guild with convenience skills like survey (mapping) and basecamp, combat skills like flick and impair, and healing skills like treat and tincture.
These hackers are good at creating, adjusting, and enhancing droids, hacking communication lines, tampering with machines. They also have access to nanotechnology that can heal or harm biologicals.
These shady characters have a mix of skills such as hiding, freighter piloting, flying speeders, haggling, smuggling, lockpicking, stealing, and some dirty fighting skills as well...

The final guild is Jedi. They are Force-wielding warriors who get access to a broad range of special powers. They may choose to be Light Jedi or Dark Jedi, each of which gets additional skills. Because of the difficulty of following this path, Jedi costs double the experience of any other guilds. Further, it may only be taken as a secondary guild. To become a primary Jedi, players must complete the Jedi Master quest.

Each player must join a primary guild before advancing their level in any guild beyond level 3. They are also allowed two secondary guilds, for which they get all the skills, and they pay more experience to advance in their secondary guilds.

The player will always have 3 levels: their primary guild level and the two secondary guild levels. No player is allowed to advance their secondary guild levels above their primary level. Once obtaining High Mortal in their primary guild, they may choose only one of their secondaries to become High Mortal. The highest levels one can attain are 50/50/19.