> inventory

inventory [options]
inventory [who] [options]

This command lists items in your inventory. You can customize what shows up, and how, by using the following options:


  • deep: show items in bags
  • nogroup: shows each item, instead of consolidating items of same name
  • page: spans the items over multiple pages if the list is too long
  • reverse: shows items from oldest to newest


  • vis: shows only unconcealed items
  • auto: shows only autoloading items
  • noauto: shows only non-autoloading item
  • alt: shows only altered items
  • noalt: shows only un-altered items
  • unheld: shows only items that aren't held
  • elec: shows only electric items
  • eq: shows only worn armor and wielded weapons
  • gear: shows only things that are not worn armor or wielded weapons
  • con: shows only items with bacta, parts, scrap or doses ("consumables")

You may specify multiple options! If you want to see the contents of a particular bag on your person, you may specify the bag as an option as well.

Finally, if you have any droids or bodyguards, you may check their inventory with <inventory [mob] [options]>.