Attributes / Stats

Every player gets 6 attributes that affect their abilities:


Strength determines carrying capacity and physical endurance (hit points). It is recommended that new players add a minimum of 5 points to their strength attribute. Because health and carrying capacity is extremely important, most players will use maximum strength.


Measure of hand-eye coordination; the most important attribute for melee or ranged combat; affects all mercenary and most bounty hunter and assassin skills.


Affects how well you fix things; applies to both machinery and medicine; affects all scientist skills and slicer skills and many assassin skills.


Represents your natural ability at using machinery and driving; affects all piloting skills and many scout skills.


Natural affinity for the Force; affects Jedi skills including lightsaber combat.


From good looks to a quick wit; affects most diplomat skills and merchant skills and many smuggler skills.

Evenly dividing your attribute points among all of your attributes is not recommended. It is far more effective to specialize in a couple stats and select your guilds based on those stats than it is to attempt to be a jack of all trades. Dedicated players can later locate a training center that enables them to raise all of their attributes to the maximum amount.

Please note, if you are not going to be a pilot, scout, or smuggler, then you do not need to invest any points in mechanical. If you are not going to be a Jedi, you do not need any additional Force.

If you have any questions or would like some advice, ask on the <newbie> line.