2014 Clan Patch

In September of 2014, clans were changed somewhat:

  1. Most information about and management of clans now occurs with the <clan> command. Check <clan help> to see details about what this command can do.
  2. Clan purchases are made with "clan assets", an account that members pay into. This account cannot be drawn on for anything other than clan purchases - once you put money into the clan, that's where it stays.
  3. Clan objects can now be edited by the clan leader using the <clan> command.
  4. Halls can be moved to the menu-based build system like those currently used for villas. If you wish to transfer your clan hall, <petition> to have it done. The process is non-trivial, so don't be surprised if it takes a day or two for a wizard to get to it.
  5. Docks for new-style clan halls are just the clan name.
  6. Clan leaders can manage an "invite list" - this list is completely separate from membership. A player will remain on the invite list through joining, retiring, being expelled, etc. They can join the clan at any point (if they are PK and there is room).
  7. THERE IS A 24-HOUR DELAY FOR JOINING CLANS. This is to prevent abuse.
  8. Clans are allowed three (3) shuttle locations. A location can either be a "pickup" or a "dropoff" location. A location could be both a pickup and a dropoff, but that would use two of the three locations allowed.