2020 Droid Patch

Slicer droids have undergone a few balance changes:

  1. Droids now have level requirements for use that are equivalent to the level of their construction (or the level of the droid, if restrained in the wild)
  2. A new combat droid, the B1, has been added to droid_construct at level 11.
  3. Everyone is now limited to only 1 combat droid, HM slicers can have 2.
  4. Repair will no longer work on droids in combat unless the repairer is an HM slicer
  5. Droids now suffer from "system shock" after sustaining repairs, similar to how meatbags suffer from druggedness after healing
  6. A new program has been added to reduce system shock: systems analysis
  7. A new droid repair skill has been added: Refurbish Droid
  8. A new skill has been added for HM slicers: Recalibrate Droid Recalibration will reboot a droid, shutting its systems down for a short time and removing all system shock.
  9. Droidsell now interacts with the droid's local economy