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aura [on|off]
Skill used: aura of uneasiness
Usable by: Dark Jedi (level 4)
Stat: force
Cooldown: 5 minutes ("aura of uneasiness")
Skill Delay: 2 rounds (4 seconds)

This skill allows a Dark Jedi to project an aura of uneasiness around him/herself which can help keep non-sentient creatures from initiating an attack on the Jedi. While active, the Dark Jedi will be unable to use any Light Jedi skills.

It also makes it a little harder for the Dark Jedi to be hit, because all creatures are slightly freaked out by the Dark Jedi's presence. The skill is not usable in conjunction with sith cloak.

Due to the concentration involved in projecting such an aura, there is a 5 minute delay between successful uses.