Barfly Quest

There is a quest beginning somewhere on the planet Soleada that upon completion will mark the questor as a barfly. From then on, the value of every alcoholic drink that the player buys and drinks will be counted and saved. The quest will only have to be completed once.

The person with the most points is the master barfly. At the beginning of each month, the records are cleared and all participants' points are set to zero. The master barflies of each month will be saved into a separate record. The records can be viewed at Gularg's bar on Coruscant. You can type:

     barflies          - lists all barflies of the month
     barflies [person] - lists that person's score
     barflies monthly  - shows the list of monthly master barflies

Gularg is the recordkeeper, so any drinks bought from him will not count towards a player's score.

The quest begins on the planet Soleada and involves a bottle.