> bgc

bgc [command] [args]
Skill used: bodyguards
Usable by: Diplomat (level 20)

Diplomats can command their bodyguard or body double using this command. The bodyguard need not be in the same room as the diplomat. In addition to a list of regular commands available to players, the following are available for every bodyguard:

Command Effect
ammoinforms you of the bodyguard's remaining ammunition
togglelists various toggles that the bodyguard has
commandsgives a list of all commands that the bodyguard can use
listsame as "commands"
defendtells your bodyguard to aid you in combat
followtells your bodyguard to follow you
hpreporttells your bodyguard to report its health condition
leavetells your bodyguard to leave
moneyreports how many credits your bodyguard is carrying
peacestops fighting between yourself and your bodyguard
statusreports a variety of statistics about your bodyguard
staytells your bodyguard to stop following you
summonsummons your bodyguard to your location

Diplomats of level 30 and above gain access to the following commands:

battlecryallows you to add a combat emote to your bodyguard
chatsallows you to add a non-combat emote to your bodyguard
emoteallows you to make your bodyguard emote
describeallows you to set your bodyguard's description
genderallows you to set your bodyguard's gender
nameallows you to set your bodyguard's name
skillsallows you to set the skills your bodyguard will use in combat