"Bouncing" means leaving the room while fighting a mob. The rule is that the mob must have a chance to take an auto-swing before you may leave. It doesn't matter if the mob misses, or if it's not swinging at *you*. As long as they get an auto-swing attempt, you should be able to leave, and not before.

Bouncing is generally the safest way to fight any monster. Because players get a free attack upon entering combat, the player that bounces out of combat as soon as they are able will generally get 2x the hits that the mob does.

If you find situations that don't conform to the game rules stated above, it is a bug, please let us know right away.

For example, if you find a syntax in a room that allows you to leave the room before the mob swings (meaning you could theoretically kill the mob one round at a time, while never being in any danger), that is a bug.

Or if you find a situation where the mob is beating down some other target, but you are unable to leave the room ("You must give your opponent a chance to fight back!"), that is a bug.

Please report any bugs. :)