> change

change study [monster]
change [1, 2, 3]
change normal
change list
change unlearn [1, 2, 3]
Skill used: change appearance
Usable by: Any Jedi (level 19)
Discipline: mind tricks
Stat: force
Skill Delay: 5 rounds (10 seconds)

This skill allows a Jedi to alter his appearance for a short period of time by manipulating the Force and causing others around them to see something different than the Jedi's true appearance.

A mortal Jedi may use <change> and <change normal>. Initially, it is not possible to choose what appearance you will take on.

High Mortal Jedi may <change study [monster]> to choose an appearance to replicate. They may only learn 3 studied appearances, but may unlearn one or more so as to learn a new appearance.

Please note that it is illegal to attempt to impersonate wizards or other players with this skill.