Coruscant is considered the jewel of the Core Worlds. It has been the seat of galactic government from the start, and though the methods of governing have changed more than once, Coruscant has remained constant. The Old Republic built the Senate Hall on this beautiful world. When the Emperor took power, he added to the Presidential Palace to create the Imperial Palace, a structure that looms over the Senate Hall to this day.

It is said that Coruscant sets the tone of the entire galaxy. Styles and fads start on this capital world and slowly spread. The level of culture is unsurpassed anywhere else in the Core or beyond, and all of the "standard" measurements used throughout the galaxy are based upon the norms of this planet. Except for a few isolated melees, Coruscant and its area of the Core remain unscathed throughout the various wars of the Old Republic, and more recently, the Empire.

Areas on Coruscant

Area Min Lvl Max Lvl Coders
  city 150Htan
  Jedi temple 150Amethyst, Willow
  Sith tower 150Amethyst, Ursa
  hall of fame 150Willow
  underbelly 4550Break, Willow