> cybernetics

cybernetics [target] [implant]
cybernetics [target] remove
Usable by: Slicer (level 45)
Stat: technical
Cooldown: 30 minutes ("cybernetics")
Target CD: 2 hours ("cybernetic implant")
Other info: requires a slicertool

High mortal slicers are able to install 'wetwear' upgrades to a being's nervous system to enhance it. These upgrades allow the newly enhanced cyborg to process certain types of actions much more efficiently. Whether it be mechanical and technical data or acts of dexterity and strength. This procedure requires the help of a medical droid.

Due to the dangerous nature of surgeries like this, a patient must show her willingness to undergo it by typing <implants allow>, after which the patient will be able to be implanted by anyone until she types <implants disallow>.

Only one cybernetic implant may be installed at a time per patient. Each patient may undergo new surgery once every 2 hours. A surgeon can only perform surgery every half hour. To remove an implant, the surgeon uses the command <cybernetics [target] remove>.

An implant will last for seven days or until the next reboot, whichever is sooner.

Available implants:

  • Spacial Acuity Module <spatial>: Increases ability to mentally process multi-dimensional interactions between objects and deal with mechanical problems.
  • Cortical Datasplint <datasplint>: Datasplints are high capacity data storage devices meant to allow instant access to an incredible trove of information beyond what most races can faithfully remember. This grants them increased technical information to accomplish any task.
  • Adrenal Override Module <adrenal>: These modules give the user granular control over their body's output of adrenaline. This adds strength on demand when performing tasks.
  • Hyperaccelerated Nerve Implant <nerve>: There's an old saying that someone can have nerves of steel. Well, now you can get nerves of a niobium-titanium alloy implanted. The procedure doesn't replace all of the body's nerves, but simply replaces the major nerve conduction pathways to the limbs. This allows for faster reaction times and greater dexterity once the stitches heal.
  • Emotional Dampers <dampers>: Wheeling and dealing in galactic trade requires that you keep a stone-wall sabacc-face. You can't let those fools across the table realize that they've fallen straight into your hands. Emotional dampers place restrictors on your natural horomone emitters which let you control which emotions you let show.

NOTE: The word enclosed in <> is the parameter to include when performing surgery.