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When you die, you will meet Death...he will determine your fate. Actually, what happens when you die differs depending on HOW you die:

Killed in space:

Loss of 5000 experience per primary level, or loss of all experience, whichever is lower.

Killed by monster, and over level 3:

Loss of experience equal to the value of your current prime level. In the event that you have less experience than the death would cost, you will lose a primary level to account for the difference. Any secondary levels that might be lost due to losing a primary level will have their experience cost fully refunded.


Death Scenario Result
19/10/10 with 30k experience18/10/10 with 30k exp (lost 209k xp)
19/19/19 (no jedi) with 0 exp18/18/18 with 836k exp (lost 209k xp)
19/19/19 with 400k exp19/19/19 with 191k exp (lost 209k xp)

Note: Penalties for players under level 11 are cut in half. Also, dying at HM 20 cannot result in level loss.

Killed by a player on land:

No exp is lost.

After dying, a player's corpse will not decay as normal corpses do, unless the player is logged off, in which case the corpse will take 1 hour to decay. This should provide the player with ample time to retrieve their equipment.

Typing 'death' by itself toggles the death line on and off.