The fourth world of the system bearing the same name, Honoghr is the only planet in the system capable of bearing life. Even at its height, Honoghr's hold on life was tenuous at best. It was not a world of abundant resources, but it was the most this system had to offer. The Noghri, savage hunters turned into killers by the Empire, were born on this world. Little of the planet is still fit for habitation. The small area called the Clean Land, with the major city of Nystao and clusters of small villages, is all that remains of a once vibrant world.

A disaster befell the world a few decades back: two combating starships chose this world's orbit as the site of their battle. The resulting clash was like something out of the primitive Noghri's legends. Two gods fought high in the sky, using lightning the likes of which the Noghri had never seen. One of the great warships crashed into the planet, triggering massive earthquakes and releasing toxic chemicals into the air. The Noghri clans migrated to the traditional truce ground, the one place on the planet spared the full brunt of the disaster. It was in this Clean Land that Darth Vader found the Noghri. He provided food, medicine, tools, and decon droids to clean the land. The Noghri bowed down to this black clad savior, and Vader became their master.

Areas on Honoghr

Area Min Lvl Max Lvl Coders
  Nystao 3040Morgan, Feor
  starport 3040Morgan, Feor
  Kihm'bar village 2535Rayooz
  imperial facility 3545Morgan, Feor

Planet specific secrets: