> inject

inject [target]
inject [target] with [poison]
Skill used: syringe
Usable by: Scientist (level 11)
Assassin (level 11)
Stat: technical
Skill Delay: 2 rounds (4 seconds)

This skills allows a scientist or assassin to inject a target with liquid from a syringe. The syringe must have some sort of poison in it to be useful. Other useful commands include:

  • <empty [syringe]> - Empty whatever liquid is in the syringe.
  • <check [syringe]> - Check how many doses are left in the syringe.
  • <refill [syringe] with [bottle]> - Refill the syringe.

If no arguments to <refill> are given, the first syringe and the first bottle of poison in your inventory will be used for refill.

There are several types of poisons, and the only way to know for sure what effect one of them will have is to try it out.