Jedi Alignment

The Dark side of the Force is the quick and easy path. It is very tempting, and easy to fall to the Dark side. The Light side takes much more time and requires the more focused mind.

If a Light Jedi uses a Dark side power, they could become seduced by the Dark side of the Force. If a Dark side Jedi uses a Light side power, their heart will lighten, and some of the Dark side power will leave them.

The range for Jedi alignment is 50 to -50. Jedi alignments of 1 and higher are Light Jedi. Negative Jedi alignments are Dark Jedi. Jedi may not have a Jedi alignment of 0. Switching Jedi 'teams' will cause your Jedi alignment to be set to the maximum for the new team, so a Light Jedi succumbing to the Dark Side will have a Jedi alignment of -50.

Your initial Jedi alignment is set when you first choose a Jedi master with whom to train. Choosing a Light master will give you an initial positive Jedi alignment, while choosing a Dark master will give you a negative Jedi alignment.

Additional things that affect Jedi alignment:

There is no penalty for Light Jedi succumbing to the Dark side, but the penalty for Dark Jedi switching to the Light is rather high, as returning to the Light is extremely difficult. The cost is the lesser of the cost to advance to your current prime level, or to advance to your current jedi level. If you don't have enough experience on you, you will lose a prime level to make up the cost.

For example, if you are a level 19 mercenary and level 10 dark Jedi who changes to light Jedi, the cost is 132000 experience points (panic exp for details). If that same character is instead level 11 mercenary, they would lose 55000 experience.


  1. Alignment, as used in this help document, is *Jedi* alignment, and should not be confused with team alignment (imperial/neutral/rebel).
  2. While the above considerations are quite correct, please keep in mind that the magnitudes are not necessarily the same for alignment changes. The Dark side is far more tempting than the Light, so anything to do with the Dark Side will cause a far greater shift than anything related to the Light side.
  3. Keep in mind that if you switch from the Dark side to the Light, and have more experience than you need to level, you will lose some experience, so that you will not have enough to level afterwards. Plan accordingly.