Kwenn Station


Space Station Kwenn is considered the last fuel and supply stop before entering the Outer Rim Territories. The citylike station features everything the weary spacer might need and desire after a long voyage. The station is built atop an extensive docking platform consisting of scores of individual, modular space docks and hangar bays. Still further below the station is the massive dry dock gridwork, used for parking, overhauling, refitting, or otherwise repairing capital class ships.

Areas on Kwenn Station

Area Min Lvl Max Lvl Coders
Kwenn Station1550
  smuggler hideout 4050Feor, Morgan
  level 3 1520Feor, Morgan
  level 2 1520Feor, Morgan
  level 1 4050Feor, Morgan
  imperial outpost 2535Feor, Morgan

Planet specific secrets: