Merchant stock exchange

Skill used: merchant stock exchange
Usable by: Merchant (level 19)

Merchant Exchange

The Berchest Entrepenurial and Equity Trading Syndicate (BEETS) is available for merchants level 19 and up. At the exchange, a merchant can buy and sell stock in various corporations. Stocks will increase or decrease in price according to demand as well as the occasional market fluctuation. BEETS updates every few days, which causes stock values to change, and it resets the number of transactions available to a merchant. The following commands are available to a merchant in the exchange at the appropriate booths.


Lists the stocks available for sale at a booth


Tells the merchant the number of transactions available to him until the next BEETS update.


Lists the stocks a merchant currently owns

sell <stock> <shares>

Sell <shares> amount of <stock>.

buy <stock> <shares>

Buy <shares> amount of <stock>.

predict <stock>

Gives the market insiders' estimates of how <stock> will perform.

getreason <stock>

Gives you the reason a stock crashed.

Please note, <stock> refers to the stock's abbreviation, not the long stock name. The countdown until the next BEETS update is shown in the <transactions> command, the Mavrille Street Journal, and the Slicer Information Terminal.