> program

program [droid] [function]
Skill used: droid programming
Usable by: Slicer (level 1)
Stat: technical
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)
Other info: not usable in combat and requires a slicertool


  • program r2 adjust
  • program r2 silent

Slicers can attempt to program droids to be more knowledgable. The following list shows what programming can currently be attempted:

Lvl Name Description
1 adjust Forces medical or repair droids to provide free services for a short time.
4 announce Makes a protocol droid announce any translations to the room instead of whispering it to the droid's master.
9 alignment Allows the droid to have the same alignment as the player.
13silentRemoves a droid's inclination to speak on its own.
16 systems analysis Instructs a droid to run a systems check and analysis to identify problematic parts and faulty repairs, reducing system shock.
20 errands Lets the droid sell items remotely for the player. Players can command the droid to <droidsell> items.

Note that all programming over level 19 requires the player to be an HM slicer.

A slicertool is required for use of this skill.