> rent

Skill used: rent shop
Usable by: Merchant (level 19)

Merchants can rent a storefront in commercial areas of well-to-do planets to buy and sell goods. The following commands are available to the merchant after renting a storefront:

  • <stock [item] for [cost]> to offer an item for sale
  • <unstock [item | all]> to remove an item (or items) from stock
  • <cashin> to take profits out of the store
  • <cashin [add]> to add money to the store (to buy items from players)
  • <cashin [check]> to see how much money is in the store
  • <checkreceipts> to see how much money the store has earned
  • <setpurchase [ALL | NONE]>
  • <setpurchase add [item] for [buyprice] max [count] price [sellprice]>
  • <setpurchase remove [item]>
  • <shopstatus close> closes the shop and terminates your rental agreement
  • <setpersonality [personality]> changes your shopkeeper's personality.

Please note that the following restrictions apply. Storefronts are available on a limited basis on most planets and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can only rent one storefront at a time. Renting a storefront costs 2000 credits.