> shapechange

shapechange [race]
shapechange [race] [male|female|non-binary]
shapechange [heritage] [race]
shapechange [heritage] [race] [male|female|non-binary]
shapechange study [target]
shapechange list
shapechange last
shapechange skills
shapechange end
Usable by: Clawdite
Stat: charisma
Cooldown: 1 hour and 15 minutes ("shapechange")
Skill Delay: 6 rounds (12 seconds)

Members of the Clawdite race can assume the shape and abilities of another race for one hour, after which the Clawdite must rest for at least 15 minutes before attempting to assume the shape of another race. The same race cannot be used twice in a row.

For the Clawdite to successfully emulate a member of another race, the Clawdite must <shapechange study> a non-player member of the race in question each boot before being able to shapechange into a member of that race. Clawdite players can study a maximum of 2 races plus one race for every odd-numbered level obtained (i.e. 2 at first level, 3 at third level, 4 at fifth level, etc.)

The option <list> will display all the races the player has studied.

The option <last> will display the last race the player assumed the shape of.

The option <skills> will display what skills are available to your current race.

Using <shapechange> without arguments will display the race you have changed into currently.

Using <shapechange end> will end the shapechange prematurely. The 15 minute timer starts when the shapechange ends.