> subdue

subdue [living]
Usable by: Bounty Hunter (level 5)
Stat: strength
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)
Other info: starts fights

Bounty hunters may use their well-honed skills to quickly slap StunCuffs on an opponent once they are worn down enough, stunning them. Most opponents will slip out of their cuffs after a few seconds, once the cuffs' sensors determine that the person does not have a bounty on them.

However, certain mobs have "live collection" bounties on them. When those monsters are subdued with the StunCuffs, they will not escape so easily, and the bounty hunter can then drag the monster to a bounty hunter office to <release> them and collect the bounty.

The "dragging" will occur automatically, from *wherever* you are. When you have subdued a mob, just head to the bounty office as fast as possible!

Monsters captured in this way can still escape, and the longer you keep a mob subdued, the more time you give them to plot an escape attempt. Plan accordingly.