The planet Sullust, in the star system of the same name, is home to the Sullustan race. They live in vast subterranean caverns beneath the surface of their harsh, volcanic world. While the small species can venture to the surface for limited periods of time, they find the cooler caves to be much more to their liking. The natural caverns have been turned into beautiful underground cities and visitors come from all over the galaxy to see the sights and shop in the remarkable marketplaces. The planet is also the headquarters of the vast intergalactic SoroSuub Corporation. This leading mineral processing company has subdivisions that handle energy, space mining, food packaging, and technological products.

Areas on Sullust

Area Min Lvl Max Lvl Coders
  Dock Complex 520Feor
  Pickaxe Port 520Feor
  First Rubble 520Feor
  Roller Stones 2030Feor, Morgan
  Under Way 2030Feor
  Granite Ground 2030Feor
  Purple Pebbles 3040Feor
  Mine Sleeper 3040Feor
  Diggers Dirt 3040Feor
  Lower Rocks 4050Feor
  Upper Rock 4050Feor
  The Pit 4050Feor

Planet specific secrets: