the Newbie Simulator


The Newbie Simulator is a state-of-the art training simulator located in the Captain Sarlow's ship the S.S. Essess on Coruscant, one south and one east of the start room.

In the simulator, a youngster can get a feel for the challenges awaiting them in the real world, without the danger of losing life, limb, property, or pride* if they fail miserably to meet and overcome said challenges.

*Capt. Sarlow disclaims any loss of pride users of his simulator may inadvertently feel, see simulator for details.

Areas on the Newbie Simulator

Area Min Lvl Max Lvl Coders
the Newbie Simulator14
  all sims 14numerous wizzes
  simulator interface 14Zurk
  locker room 14Feor
  Berchest 14Sead
  Corellia 14Kess
  Desert 14Bugsy
  Eichbaum 14Ivan
  Gamorr 14Feor
  Hoth 14Smoky
  Imperial building 14Scorch
  Ithor 14Sarah
  Kashyyyk 14Rustitobuck, Htan
  Newbie Academy 14Amethyst
  Newbieway 14Fromper
  Newbieway: Skull Mountain 14Tseng
  Soleada zoo 14Kryyshk, Mlan
  Toy World 14Kryyshk, Mlan