> tumble

tumble [target]
tumble mode [random/stun/damage/evade]
Usable by: Ewok
Stat: dexterity
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)
Other info: starts fights

Ewoks are able to tumble around the room, which in combat usually proves to be a very useful skill. While tumbling several things can happen. The Ewok may tumble into his/her opponents, which will leave them either staggering around for a while trying to regain standing or make them fall straight to the ground, taking some damage. In case the Ewok manages to stay away from his/her opponents while tumbling, the Ewok becomes much harder to hit for a while.

Ewoks can aim to tumble in a specific manner. To do so, use <tumble (stun|damage|evade)>. There is a delay of 30 seconds on switching tumble mode preferences. At low skill percentages, Ewoks might not tumble correctly according to preference.