Usable by: Smuggler (level 7)
Scout (level 4)
Pilot (level 2)

Vehicles will enable you to travel faster over land, give you more firepower and in some cases, provide you with extra protection.

Smugglers may pilot speeders (and only speeders) after reaching level seven. Pilots are the only ones able to maneuver all vehicles, so you should consider becoming a pilot for one of your 3 guild choices. Both pilots and mercenaries are able to fire vehicle weapons, although mercenaries are able to do so at a slightly earlier level. Scouts can pilot certain speeders.

In a vehicle, you may use <report> to see some useful information. Vehicles can only be repaired so many times before they are simply too damaged to sustain any more aftermarket repairs. Checking <report> will give you some indication of how much more wear and tear your vehicle can take.

Once a vehicle reaches a point where it could not be repaired up to its maximum armor, it will begin to rust when left unattended. This process is stopped for a while whenever the vehicle moves or its weapons are used, but it cannot be reversed. Eventually, the vehicle will rust away to nothing.

If you are piloting an "open" vehicle that doesn't full enclose you, it will take a small portion of the combat damage that you would otherwise sustain. If you are in an enclosed vehicle, its armor will take the full amount of damage as you fight. You may also use <hscan> when fighting to check an opponent's health.

Through a miracle of modern engineering, vehicles do not need fuel.