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SWmud is a a heavily modified LPmud codebase set strictly in the Star Wars universe. The mud has been running off and on since 1994. SWmud has an average sized player base, with a very friendly and helpful atmosphere. Here are some of the things that can be found on SWmud:

Team Affiliations
Player Killing
Weapons and Armor
Space Travel
Vehicular Travel
Storable Ships
News System
Player Communication
Panic (Help) Files


There are ten guilds. Out of these you get to 'join' one primary guild and 'advance' two secondary guilds. Once you reach the levels of 25/25/19, you may choose to advance a 4th guild to level 19.

Mercenary, Smuggler, Scientist, Jedi, Pilot, Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, Assassin, Merchant, and Slicer.

Jedi cannot be your primary guild to begin with, however. This is to signify how many of the SW characters started out their lives doing something else, before becoming Jedi. At higher levels you can complete a quest to make you a true Jedi Master. For details on how to become a Jedi, see the Jedi FAQ.

If one of your guilds is Bounty Hunter or Assassin, you must be an army player killer. If one of your guilds is Diplomat, you cannot be a player killer.

Each guild comes with an average of 15 skills at mortal levels and 10 skills at the high mortal levels. Guild skills are currently being tweaked.


Levels 0-19 are considered normal levels, where as 20-50 are Special Mortal (non-HM) and High Mortal (HM) players. High Mortals are a group of players who have completed the High Mortal quest and get special benefits as well as new skills. Players can get enough experience to advance to level 20 without the HM quest, but they do not gain the benefits or skills of HMs.

The wizard staff is divided into five groups, from lowest to highest: secretary, ambassador, councillor, senator and moff. Players are welcome to become coders as soon as they reach a minimum of 15/10/10 in levels, find a wizard sponsor, and pass a small coding test, for which they get a week to learn the basics of mud coding. Players in training to be coders are called applicants.


There are currently 22 races. Each race comes with two race skills and different attribute bonuses and minuses. Each race also has race inherit(s), meaning it is inherently better at some skills than other races.

Bothan, Clawdite, Defel, Ewok, Falleen, Gamorrean, Gand, Gungan, Human, Ithorian, Jawa, Mon Calamari, Noghri, Rodian, Sluissi, Sullustan, Togorian, Trandoshan, Twi'lek, Verpine, Wookiee, and Zabrak. The Bimm race existed at one time, but has since been retired from player selection. (Clawdites can shapechange into Bimms, however.)


There are around 40 planets/space stations in the game, with more along the way. Some of these planets include Endor, Corellia, Dagobah, Hoth, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Yavin and Naboo. Each area has been created in the SW theme and additional work is being done, as more information about planets arise from the new books etc.


The mud has three teams: Imperial, Rebel and Neutral. Each team has its own team room(s), with equipment bins or shops where players can store things for their team members. Rebels and Imperials can also expand their team area with various features by raising the necessary funds and voting to have such things built for them.


There is player killing, but it is not mandatory. You can join the Army or Navy by signing a book and thus making you player-killable. Death in PK results only in a partial to complete loss of current experience and credits. There is no experience reward for pkilling; it is for the fun and enjoyment of the players. The Imperials and Rebels especially have been known to wage massive wars every now and then. We also have a pk arena, where everybody, PK or not, can kill everybody else inside without any penalties in case of death.

Remember, if you are a Bounty Hunter or Assassin you instantly become Army pk, and if you are a Diplomat you cannot be a player killer.

The mud also has clans for player killers. Clans get their own headquarters on a planet of their choice and a wide variety of things they can purchase for the clan area. Non-PKs cannot join clans and will not be given anything resembling 'clans' of their own without the risk of being PK. This is strictly a perk for player killers.


Quests are not mandatory for advancement, but there are quite a few coded for those who enjoy solving them. The reward is often experience points and credits, so it is a good change from endless hacking and slashing sometimes.


Probably too obvious to mention, but the mud has a very wide variety of weapons and armors, some of which come with special benefits or extra attacks. Mercenaries can choose from dozens of different ranged blasters and for Jedi we have a few sabers around the mud. For all other guilds, melee weapons are abundant.


The mud has a large 3-D space system, consisting of about 25 systems and at least 40 different ship types. The ship types are divided into shuttles, fighters, freighters and capital ships. There are several ship shops around the galaxy, or you can even land on and raid a ship in space and claim it as your own. Flying and shooting down ships in space can be quite hard to begin with, but the higher experience points usually make up for it.


The mud also has some vehicles which allow you to zoom over some obstacles in a speeder or blast troopers with an AT-AT. Jetpacks for bounty hunters also count as special vehicles.


Or perhaps you would like to buy an R2 unit to help you with healing, fixing things or perhaps even flying, to name a few things. The C3 protocol droids can be an invaluable help as well monitoring and notifying you of things. There are many droid stores in some of the planets. Slicers can also make and enhance droids further.


You can build your own ship(s) at the Sluis Van Shipyards, and store it, in which case it will last even through a reboot. You can also buy insurance for your ship so that in the event you get blown up or fly into a planet, you can retrieve your ship.


Beside the bulletin boards on most planets, the mud has a rather active newsgroup system, known as 'RN', where players and coders can discuss things and report bugs, typos and ideas, among other things.


For communicating, each guild, race, and team comes with its own channel. Players also have shout, tell and mtell (multiple tell). Each public channel comes with the ability to do any kind of emotes as well.


Don't Panic! The panic (help) files are quite extensive and the admin staff is always looking to add in new or missing information. There is also a newbie channel for players level 5 and under where you may ask questions of the experienced Newbie Helpers and get truthful answers (but no 'chatting' on the line). As a beginner, typing 'welcome' will get you started.

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