The Anzati are an exceptionally long-lived sentient humanoid species from the planet Anzat. They average between 1.5 to 1.7 meters tall. They tend to have grayish skin along with brown, black, or white hair on their head, and they sport bulbous noses with flared nostrils. They look exceptionally average.

This is intentionally misleading.

Even the youngest members of the Anzati are incredibly ancient. This is because they can feed off of another being's connection to the Force. Anzati have special, highly developed sensory organs, not found among any other living being, that allow them to telepathically control other sentients and convert their life essence into sustenance. The more an Anzat feeds, the stronger his own connection to the Force becomes. Anzati are also physically stronger and more agile than most Humans so they can overcome their prey before feeding.

Anzati are natural-born predators, therefore they prefer to hunt sentient species to feed from. To feed, Anzati first hypnotize their victims in a manner similar to a Jedi mind trick. Then they extend long, thin whiplike proboscises from small pouches hidden to either side of their nose. These tentacles then enter the victim's body, usually through the nostrils, to penetrate the brain for feeding. The essence the Anzati feed on they refer to as "soup."

The hunt for soup drives the species. Once they begin the hunt, they can think of nothing else. Anzati blend in with any number of other species and cultures, taking whatever name best suits their location. Their training and stealth make them exceptional assassins. They rarely work in groups except when hunting bounties, though they tend to kill off other members of the group for a particulary choice prize.

Anzati characters will be naturally adept at assassin and jedi skills. Their drive to feed helps with the latter in particular, increasing their chance to steal life from victims.

Armor size: medium