Black markets

Usable by: Smuggler (level 14)

While the galaxy's visible economies are generally well regulated and vibrant, the underground black markets are known to be dynamic, commonly violent, and profitable.

The intragalactic black market trades in a variety of contraband types, including rare artifacts, stolen goods, sensitive information, outlawed items, illicit spice and drugs, regulated technology, valuable medical items, and illegal droids and associated tech.

Each planet's black market economy generally trades in couple of types of contraband at a time, and each planet's market for each type exhibits different degrees of supply and demand. For example, Alderaan may be in the market to purchase artifacts, but may not pay as much for such items as Nar Shaddaa. Similar mechanics exist for items available for procurement.

These black market economies can be viewed through a smuggling computer, or through the slicer information network. When viewing the black market economies, (+) symbols represent a favorable economy to the smuggler (the smuggler will pay less for items, and gain more upon selling), while (-) represent an unfavorable economy.