Duros were one of the first, if not the first, races to discover hyperspace travel. At that moment, they were hooked. Space was amazing and they strived to reach further. An unprecedented growth of industry and mining was required to keep up with the demand for reaching further into space. Unfortunately, this burst of industrial growth came at a dire cost. Massive pollution and mismanagement of natural resources had caused an ecological collapse on the planet causing it to become a toxic wasteland. So, the Duros were now a race bound to space. Space stations were built around Duros as well as colonies established in their sector of space.

Duros are an egg-laying reptillian race with hairless smooth blue-green skin, large red eyes, and long almond-shaped heads. They hatch in a larval grub stage which needs to be cared for. Most Duros raise their young as a loving community. Duros from the colony world of Neimoidia and its Purse Worlds, on the other hand, leave the raising of their young to the state and the grubs are pitted against each other at a very early stage in their development to make sure only the greediest survive.

Armor size: medium
Heritages: Duro-sector and Neimoidian



Note: Duros is a special case. Since their 'sacrifice' attribute is strength, but starting with a very low strength makes playing unusually difficult, they start with a slightly increased strength, but reductions in the initial value of other attributes.

In addition, Duros heritages have been divided long enough that they vary in their stats. Duro-sector gain a +1 bonus to mechanical and a -1 to charisma. Neimoidian gain a +1 bonus to charisma and a -1 to mechanical.