> follow

follow [name]
follow allow [name]
follow kill [name|all]
follow stop

Friendly Following

Using this command, players can follow each other around. Using <follow allow [name]> will allow the named player to follow you, once they have used <follow [your name]>.

Once the follow is set up, when the leader leaves the room, the follower will automatically... well, follow.

Using the command with no argument will show (1) who you are following, (2) who you are allowing to follow you, and (3) who is actually following you.

To stop someone from following you, use <follow kill [name]>, or <follow kill all>. To stop yourself from following anyone, use <follow stop>.

Aggro Following

Some monsters may follow you against your will when you fight them. These "following mobs" are generally some of the scariest and most difficult monsters in the game.

There are a variety of ways to break a monster's follow, such as invisibility or stun. If you are exploring a new area, keep a mental checklist of the tools at your disposal. If you encounter a following mob, keep calm and work through your checklist. Good luck out there, soldier.