> party

party form [name]
party add [player]
party join [party]
party remove [player]
party leave
party list
party leader [player]

Parties are ad-hoc groups of players who have decided to play SWmud together. This command allows players to create and manage parties.

The person who forms any party is automatically the leader of the party. Only that player may add or remove players. That player may also designate another player as the party leader.

Any party member may leave the party at any time through the "leave" function. A list of all current party members is given by the "list" function.

Experience will be split among all of the party members scaled to each member's level, and each member will receive a 10% experience bonus when experience is awarded.

Once you have been invited to join the party, you must type <party join [name]> (where name is the name of the party).

Party members can communicate using <comms>.